• bar bell rack

    Resistance exercise is any form of exercise that forces your skeletal muscles (not the involuntary muscles of your heart, lungs, etc.) to contract. An external resistance (such as heavy weights) is used to cause the contractions, and those contractions lead to increases in muscular mass, strength, endurance and tone.

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  • Courtney feet up

    Pilates is a mind-body system created by Joseph Pilates that focuses on building core strength, balanced muscle development, proper posture and alignment, and flexibility.

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  • reformer

    There is probably no piece of Pilates equipment more famous than the Pilates Reformer. And for good reason. The reformer makes a dramatic impression when you first see one, and an even more dramatic change in the body when you use it.

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  • message

    Swedish Massage is used to address the whole body by relaxing the muscles, relieving pain, promoting circulation, and restoring metabolic balance in the body..

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Address: 213 S Walter Avenue, Appleton WI 54915
Phone:  920-319-4196
Email: sara@sofitness.com

SO Fitness was created in 2011 by Sara O’Leary with a goal of creating a pleasing, professional fun workout environment for her clients. Her vision was to create a brightly lit studio with classic equipment that provided a comfortable and safe place for clients and trainers alike. Making Fitness Fun is the Mission of SO Fitness! With an eye on security and technology Sara developed the first of its kind Virtual and Physical Training area in the Fox Valley. As a Certified trainer, Sara created a state of the art Virtual Technological approach which allows clients to workout both on site and at home with their trainer.

Sara allows other trainers to share her facility on an appointment basis. Currently three other trainers use the facility for their own clients. If you are an active individual that wants flexibility in your workout schedule- SO Fitness is for you! Please call today and schedule your free personalized assessment of your training goals and join in the fun!

SO Fitness, LLC
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